Customer service:
Sunday – Thursday: 9AM-10PM
Friday: 9AM-3PM
Out of working hours you can leave a message and get information about emergency care if needed. Online chat with a veterinarian is available during working hours (Even in very busy times, we do our best to answer in no longer than 24 hours)
Our services are suited for dogs and cats.

Our vets can provide in-home preventive care, vaccinations and varied procedures (Nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal draining etc.). Besides those, many other treatments can be done at home, subject to your vet’s discretion – according to each case, pet’s temper, availability, recurring problem or not etc.

In any case, that is exactly why our vets are working closely with our partner clinics.
As a rule of thumb, exams and treatments that require sedation (or more) are (usually) recommended to be done at a clinic. If you are not sure whether we can treat your pet at home please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Quick and simple!
1. Log in with your Google account or with a username and password
2. Fill in the required information about you and your pet
3. Choose a time slot that is convenient for you
4. After choosing a time slot, choose between annual plan or a single house-call, type a promo code if you have one and pay
5. Do you have a puppy\kitten that didn’t get any vaccines? Choose “puppy\kitten plan”
See you soon!
**We value your time, and so the night before the visit you will receive an SMS with a more accurate arrival estimation
Congratulations for a new family member! If they didn’t get any vaccinations at all, you need to choose the annual puppy\kitten plan. A puppy gets 6 visits instead of 4, and a kitten 3 visits instead of 2. When you choose a plan, make sure to take the V off the question “Did they get vaccinated in the past?”. If you have a puppy, we recommend this plan even if they already got one distemper vaccine because the plan includes a chip as well. If you have a kitten, the plan includes an extra visit and an extra FVRCP vaccine.
Members – click on “Schedule a visit” on your profile and choose a time slot.
Not members yet? Join Kumba and you will be able to schedule a single house call or as part of an annual plan
We are doing our best to reach more and more areas. We recommend following our Facebook page where we announce new areas and cities.
Currently we are operating at the Gush-Dan and Ha Sharon
From Netanya in the north to Rishon le Zion in the south. Rosh ha’ayin in the east.
Soon, we’ll be operating in: Ramla, Lod, Rehovot, Zihron Ya’akov, Haifa and Jerusalem.
If you signed up with a Gmail account, please make sure the device from which you are trying to login is connected to the same account. If you signed up with a username and password, try “I forgot my password” on the login page. If you need help contact us on the chat.