To ensure the best care possible – anywhere, when your vet see fit (after online consultation with you) to refer you to a clinic for situations that requires it, we have a network of partner clinics in which you can recieve the best care without paying the walk-in fee. Your vet will know where to refer you, considering geographical or treatment abilities factors.

Got an emergency?

In working hours – Sunday – Thursday 9AM-10PM | Friday 9AM-3PM
Kumba members are asked to call (and not send a message) to our customer service – 054-6556776. Our service representative will ask for the case`s details, quickly consult with a vet and give you a clinic referral as needed.

Out of working hours:
You can call us and leave a message, we`ll get back to you ASAP.
In case of a life threatening emergency, please get immediate care at a medical center or hospital – emergency center visits are not included in the plan and you will be charged.


“Havat da'at” veterinary hospital

Beit Berl

10% הנחה לחברי קומבה


“Red Vet” - Emergency care to your doorstep

Active in Gush-dan only


“Beit Dagan” veterinary hospital

70 Macabim road, Rishon Le Zion


Herzliya veterinary hospital

Ben gurion 26, Herzliya

Partner clinics

A referral from you vet is needed for clinic visits

Dr. Lavon - Poleg

Zalman Shazar 10, Netanya

Sun.-Thu.: 9AM-1PM
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 4PM-8PM
Fri: 9AM-2PM

Veterinary clinic Ramat-Aviv
Dr. Tali Aloni

Bergson 6, Tel-Aviv

Sun.-Thu.: 9:30AM-8PM
Fri: 9:30AM-3PM

Dr. Lavon - Gordon

Gordon 2, Netanya

Sun.-Thu.: 9AM-1PM
Sun.-Thu.: 8AM-8PM
Fri: 9AM-2PM

Dr. Maya Barak

Ha Shuk 21, Tel-Aviv

Sun.-Thu.: 11AM-9PM
Appointment is needed

10% Off

Dr. Yaron Ohana

Ha Merkava 31, Holon
Appointment is needed


Refael Eitan 3, Petah-Tikva

Contact Kumba for a referral

Dr. Tali Avraham

Dizengof 252, Tel-Aviv

Sun.-Thu.: 9:30AM-8PM
Fri: 9:30AM-3PM

Gilad & Daniel veterinary clinic

Jabotinsky 1, Tel-Aviv

Sun.-Thu.: 9AM-8PM
Fri: 9AM-2PM

Dr. Mitrani Sikal Noa

Revivim 20, Neve Afek, Rosh Ha`ayin

Sun: 10AM-7:30PM | Mon: 10AM-1PM, 4PM-7PM
Tue: 1PM-7:30PM | Wed: 10AM-1PM | 4PM-7PM
Thu: 10AM-7:30PM | Fri: 9AM-2PM

Let the Animals Live clinic Ramt-Gan

Do not treat unspayed animals

Dov Friedman 8, Ramat-Gan

Sun.-Thu.: 8AM-10PM
Fri: 8AM-3PM