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With Kumba, veterinarians choose when, Where and how much to work

Dear Veterinarian – Welcome!
We want you with us. On this page you will understand who we are, what is Kumba, get answers to frequently asked questions and especially why you should join. If you prefer to talk on the phone, we are here for any questions:

Dr. Uriah Kendanian

What is Kumba?

Kumba is a mobile clinic management platform and application that serves as a virtual assistant to mobile veterinarians.
The platform enables the infrastructure for opening and marketing an independent business easily and conveniently, and is a connecting tool for the partner clinics.

Kumba’s system is a first-of-its-kind system that creates collaboration and connection between mobile veterinarians and clinics.
Through a combination of technology and interpersonal contact, Kumba creates a comfortable and supportive environment for establishing an online clinic
And a world of veterinary collaborations – because reciprocity pays off and is more pleasant than competition.

Your time is worth more

We are in a time when there is awareness for work-life balance.
It’s simple, the healthier the balance in our lives, the greater our ability to give to others.
Our goal is to enable veterinarians to do just that. In a new and technological world – veterinarians can too Choose when, where and how much to work.

Our mission: to make pets and vets healthier and happier

Independence with certainty

  • Starting your own business at the touch of a button – the simplest there is
  • Free marketing and advertising – our platform is your stage
  • Expected income registered subscribers
  • Payment only if there is income – you did not earn? You did not pay.
  • Everything in one place a system for managing customer portfolios, reminders, chat, charges and invoices, a referral system for clinics and more.

Peace of mind

  • Communication through the app – you determine when you want to be available

  • Your business grows on its own – whether you are at work, shopping or sitting in the living room of your home

  • Back up by partner clinics for every medical need – there is no expectation that a  veterinarian will “know it all”

  • Human customer service is available for the benefit of the veterinarian and his clients at all times
    Peace of mind – no customers waiting at the reception. No one “sits on your head”


The combination of a subscription based on vaccines and preventative treatments at home and the ability to refer to partner clinics, allows veterinarians at all levels of experience to find themselves in Komba

Young veterinarians, veterinarians with years of medical experience Veteran veterinarians who for one reason or another have not “touched” the clinic for years. Everyone enjoys using their combo

We make sure that it will be very clear to clients who subscribe because it is based on vaccines and preventative treatments and beyond that a veterinarian (as a family doctor) will determine what needs to be done and where it needs to be done – at home or in the clinic.

Even veterinarians who have just graduated and opened their komba have discovered that they can work and study in clinics while developing their own growing business at the same time. When with their professional development they are also able to do more and more at the client’s home

For a soft start we offer a veterinarian who joins an overlap in home visits with an experienced veterinarian, tips and recommendations regarding equipment and training in using the system at no cost


  • Certainty about basic income per month – the number of registered subscribers is known
  • Minimal initial expenses for starting a business – the necessary basic equipment is known in advance
  • Clinic management software included
  • Automatic billing and invoicing software within the system
  • Clients expect preventative treatments, the rest at the discretion of a veterinarian
  • Partner clinics
  • Customer service for the vet and appointment scheduling software and customer reminders are understandable
  • Communication through the app, availability according to veterinarian conditions
  • No spending on marketing or advertising – customers come effortlessly
  • The business is also grown and managed while working in a clinic or anywhere else


Not in Kumba:

  • Economic uncertainty
  • Difficulty in managing inventory and expenses on equipment – it is not expected what the basic requirement will be
  • Additional payments for customer management software / reminders / charges etc.
  • Dealing with finances and invoices
  • Expect the client to provide a solution to all medical problems
  • Fear of losing clients to clinics
  • A lot of dealing with background noises – coordinations, queues, reminders
  • Expect the customer to be available on the phone at all hours of the day
  • Expenditure on marketing and advertising and actively bringing in customers
  • A waste of time in running a business

Possible and desirable!

Many Kumba veterinarians also work additional jobs, most often in veterinary clinics.

Kumba’s uniqueness allows veterinarians to open an account and create their own growing business, effortlessly, while working extra time.

Many combos even work in partner clinics and at the end of the day see their clients both at home and in the clinic.

Komba is an advertising platform for a veterinarian and a management app for the mobile clinic that serves as a virtual assistant for everything.

Komba does not employ (and does not pay veterinarians’ fees) but is an application and system for managing a “mobile clinic” and like any management software – its use involves cost.

The advantage of using this system, over other management software, is that payment for use is made only when an active veterinarian is employed. You did not earn – you did not pay!

The user of Komba is an independent licensed dealer for all intents and purposes and does not receive a salary from the system but issues an invoice to his customers – who, too, for his convenience are automatically generated by the system.

The compensation is entered into the veterinarian’s account digitally and automatically.

Like any licensed dealer, consider hiring an additional accountant. The system contains billing and invoicing software but is not an accountant.

You can get guidance and advice from the system free of charge regarding opening a licensed dealer and finding an accountant.

  • Pick up the phone 🙂
  • Open an account
  • Define where, when and how much you want to work
  • Get customers automatically embedded in the hours you set
  • Going out for home visits – an efficient navigation system between visits
  • Backed by a customer service representative with personal attention at all times
  • Payment is received automatically
  • Client portfolio management software
  • Queue reminder system for customers
  • Automatic billing without tampering with funds
  • Automatic invoice issuance
  • Internal communication with customers in the app
  • A system for navigating and arranging home visits rounds in the most efficient way
  • Clinic referral system

The nature of the system and the fact that a veterinarian comes to the client’s home allows treatment of clients in their natural environment – without the stress of the clinic experience, they are calm, pleasant and grateful that we veterinarians have reached them.

Presence of a friendly website, backed by human customer service Make sure that the customer understands the quality of the service and the technical details and allows you veterinarians to focus on medicine and making good connections with customers

Our support is given lovingly, at no cost and includes:

  • Training in opening a licensed dealer and finding an accountant
  • Recommendation regarding necessary equipment adapted to a veterinarian and assistance in purchasing
  • Training in the use of the system
  • Full communication with veterinary customer service
  • Accompaniment on first home visits
  • Recommendations for best use of the system for faster growth

As part of our goal to create a quiet mind for a veterinarian, the veterinarian’s phone number is not disclosed to customers. Communication with clients is done in an in-app chat (just like with a family doctor).

The veterinarian chooses according to their desire whether to contact the client by telephone and whether to reveal their personal number.

The procedures, products and any service you provide to customers at home is at your discretion and will be done at the pricing you set.

A client can sit down for a single visit or subscribe to a veterinarian.

The only pricing that is pre-determined for customers is the subscription prices in order to create a standard and prevent competition between veterinarians based on lowering the subscription prices.

The number of home visits that a customer receives in each subscription is defined and known in advance – each additional visit for a fee

We believe that every medical procedure should be performed at the right place

Partner clinics - on your own terms. On your pricing.

  • Opening a clinic account if easily and at no cost
  • Quality medical cases that come from a referral from a veterinarian
  • Contacting your satellite doctors and making connections between colleagues
  • Therapeutic sequence and sharing of information between all caregivers
  • Recruiting doctors has never been easier – working in a clinic is also exactly what Kumba’s veterinarians are looking for.
  • A door to a world of veterinary collaborations

Want to get started? Any more questions?

Fill in details and we will get back to you soon or call: 054-5676969