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Choosing your pet’s doctor is a decision you need to feel good about.
It`s important that you know who we are and the values that are leading
everything we do.

Our leading value is improving the well being of people and pets through the “pet effect”: pets bring positive energies to every household – reducing stress,
getting you acquainted with your neighbours, developing a sense of responsibility and empathy amongst children and preventing loneliness for the elderly.

At the heart of Kumba, we use technology to simplify processes and to reduce costs (for you). The moment you enroll and schedule a visit, our system automatically sets the most efficient route for each veterinarian, sends messages and document the visit`s details. That allows veterinarians to deal only with what matters – caring for your pet at its natural environment. 

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France

Our vets

Once they visit - you won't let them leave

All vets that are using Kumba, are first and foremost good people with good energies, that loves taking care of animals and prefer not to deal with the “business” side of things. With Kumba, vets meet pets in their natural environment – equipped with all necessary equipment, building trust and giving the best care possible, while Kumba takes care of all the rest for them.

All of our vet partners are certified, experienced and recommended. Some work for Israel`s leading clinics and hospitals.

The Kumba team - here for you